November 09, 2012

Instagram life update

So, long story short. I'm now a fully qualified vet nurse! Yay! And have not had time to blog. So here are a few photos from my Instagram over the last few weeks (@clairekentt or @makeupbyclaire)

My latest caviar nails! I officially am unemployed so can go all out nail art wise!
Last day at the vet - got to see a caesarian, wanted to see one all year!
Looking after a randoms dog in Byron Bay!
I did Elises makeup for her friends formal - gorgeous huh!
Myself and my sister
Lion dog
Target hat models for life!



  1. I love that top. B-) also. I love your nails and I hate pelicans. You are so brave hehe

  2. Honestly, you and your sister look so alike!

    Congrats on passing, well done!

    I already follow you on IG and love looking at your pix! :)

  3. Are those caviar nails long lasting or are they just a one day kind of thing? I love them!!

    1. They last about 2 days, unless youre really gentle with your hands :)