October 18, 2012

My breakout army force!

I thought I'd do a post on what I use for my breakouts! They are becoming more and more common for me these days. I used to be lucky to get one pimple a month!!

As soon as I feel a bump coming I start my little army ;) I grab my Origins Out of Trouble Mask and apply it generously to all my spots/spot prone areas. I leave this on for about 10-15 minutes then wash off with warm water. I do this as often as I feel is needed. This mask smells strange but good - almost like Vicks!
Origins products can be purchased at Kit Cosmetics :) http://www.kitcosmetics.com.au/products/origins/

Once my face is dry I use my Thursday Plantation Medicated Acne Gel OR plain Tea Tree Oil, every morning and night until the spot has gone. Aswell as the Origins mask as much as I feel is needed. I try as much as possible to keep any makeup of pimples, sometimes it's hard to avoid but as much as I can is better than covering it everyday! Check http://www.thursdayplantation.com/stockists/ to find your nearest stockist :)

This little system I have going seems to work rather well. Most of the time it stops them before they "erupt"

What do you use on your spots? xo


  1. I always rely on the Clinique Blemish Gel, seems to do the job every time, even hubby likes it!

  2. I'm a big fan of tea tree oil. I rarely get spots, but when I do I always pull out the tea tree and slather it on! ha ha x

  3. I love the Clear Improvement mask by Origins! It really helps to keep my skin clear :) Stopping by from the bbloggers blog hop!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 
    deborah lippmann/fresh giveaway

  4. Tea tree oil works wonders :D
    I just followed you by the way!