September 17, 2012

Things I Want!

I recently quit my job at woolworths... It just wasn't "me"... Since quitting, I have NO money.. Which means I want need more items... These items include...

ghd Pink Cherry Blossom styler
GHD pink cherry blossom styler. This years pink limited edition styler supporting the national breast cancer foundation. It's supporting a good cause and my last breast cancer foundation GHD died.... Well justified? ;) 

Nike Free Advantage trainers. I recently started personal training and eating healthy, including going vegetarian and cutting out soft drink and chocolate! I fell inlove with the colour, surely I deserve a decent pair of trainers? ;) Again, well justified? I can only find these at footlocker online(not the AU store)

"Beach Cruiser" Bicycle. I love bike riding and these bikes are just so adorable! I WILL have one in my life one day!

White Ipad 2. I promised myself once i'm at my goal size (rather than weight as i'll be gaining muscle, therefore gaining weight) I can treat myself to an Ipad... Such a good motivator!

What items are you craving to be in your presence? ;)

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