September 21, 2012

I'm blonde/life update

After months and months and months of foils, I am BLONDE!
Photos below of my hair and small updates :)
My friend Amy and I on my birthday this year.

My sisters new kittens "Nebaska"

Myself, Karolina and Amy.
Karolina's over here on exchange from Germany so we went to an amazing national park that has this awesome waterfall in a cave called "Natural Bridge"

Just making faces.. I do this alot! haha

I've also recently started personal training as I said in my previous post. We had our first "measure in" this week and i've "lost" 7cm's all up! PT has told us not to go off weight as we're gaining muscle aswell... Muscle=weight so we might get dis-heartened. Being a rule-breaker I jumped on the scales this morning and have lost 4 kg in the 2-3 weeks. Happy chappy! 

As you can tell in the photo's my hair is still quite yellow/brassy. I have be toning the life out of it with little or no success. So hoping another lot of foils will get it more "white". I'll do a post on toning products i've used and what has worked for me once i've actually seen results!

I've also got my car of daddy and got my L's the day after my birthday (after failing on my birthday)! YAY! 

Being a manual, i've had a few mental breakdowns ;) 
HAHA but improving everytime I drive it! 


  1. So many good things! You go girl :D

  2. My goodness! You're absolutely gorgeous as a blonde! :)

  3. Loving the blonde :) I can just imagine how hot your hair would look with some beach waves along with your bikini body you are working so hard for! woo hoo!