July 09, 2012


Hey girls (guys too, if there are any of you!)
I am proud to announce that I am FINALLY blonde! woo!
After a long 6 months of foils, I went to a new hair dresser, who is AMAZING!
She decided it would be easier to bleach my ends as they were alot darker than the roots.
Voila.. BLONDE.
I'm so excited/happy/more confident it's ridiculous..
It's rather yellow/gold, even with heaps of toner. I think it's just because it was so golden before!
I'm booked in for a full head of foils again in august.. Very excited!
Here's some photo's!
I also got a new opal ring! Loooove!

Excuse my face. No makeup. eek!

You like? 



  1. Woo hoo Tenk! Congratulations, you're really rocking that blonde, and would love to see some more piccies :-)

  2. I wanna go blonde, but I can't afford the maintenance :(

    P.S. You look gorgeous! :)