June 25, 2012

"Sunset eye"

Hello gorgeous people!

I recently brought a cheap BYS palette and a loose eyeshadow from cosmetic plus.
Last night I thought I would try them out! I tried a few different looks.. a blue, purple and a "sunset inspired".
I loved them all, but mostly the "sunset" look. It's the first time i've ever tried anything like it, I normally come up with random looks when i do my makeup.. but the colours were there so I though i'd give it a go!

 I used the white loose shadow all over my lid up to my brow bone. I then used the orange from the palette and put it through through my crease. Then, taking a small brush I put some of the pink from the palette... above my crease, but following the line of my crease. Then blended and voila, all done. 
What do you think?

I'm also really impressed with these shadows! I tried removing them with a washer and water and they wouldn't budge! Pretty good considering they only cost me a few $! 

Also, I just made a facebook page for my blog which I will be updating more regularly than my blog, so head on over and like it! 

Have a great week! x


  1. Simply stunning, Claire! I really love this look!


  2. Beautiful work! Love those colours on you :)

  3. Looks fab! I can never be bothered with much eye makeup but this looks great.

    I liked your FB page :)

    1. I can't either really, on a daily basis anyway! Haha thanks! X

  4. Your always just soo good at eyeshadow!! I love it :) xx