June 09, 2012

Recently purchased!

Hello lovely people!
I've recently splurged (really splurged, so much for a spending ban..oops..) and brought myself some Real Techniques brushes! I was torn up between the sigma Mrs Bunny travel kit or a few Real Techniques brushes. When someone told me about  iHerb.com stocking Real Techniques for the US RRP AND a $5 off code, how could I resist?

I ended up getting..
The eye starter set
The blush brush

And the setting brush!
Also decided to pick up an Ecotools 6 piece travel eye set, which was like $7, so why not? ;)
EcoTools Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set 

Sososo excited to get these in the mail! Will be posting as soon as I try them out!
I also got a code to give to first time buyers, so if you want to buy anything, use the code "QIS192" for $5 off your order aswell! :)


  1. They're great brushes, aren't they?! I have the same set which I reviewed on my blog! Love how quickly they dry too!


    1. I haven't got them yet! But i'm so excited! Just read your review, sounds like i wont be disappointed! The kabuki brush is really smart.. maybe next time ;)

  2. I just made my first order from iHerb as well, and got some Real Techniques brushes:) Cannot wait til they arrive!