June 28, 2012

Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper, worth it?

Nads Hair Removal Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper
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Hey there!
Only in January this year, did I first get my eyebrows waxed. Fair to say I became addicted. I now love brows. Dark, well shaped brows. After spending $35 in one brow cleanup - Wax and tint- I thought I would try out the Nad's Eyebrow Shaper. At $14.95 it wouldn't worry me much if it was absolute crap... But I can honestly say, I am 99.99% certain I will never go and get my brows waxed at a salon again. 

This little kit comes with everything you will need. The wand itself, cleansing wipes and fabric strips (which can be rinsed and re-used, bonus!) With 3 simple steps, I achieve the same well shaped brows I love, from home!

1. Thoroughly clean your eyebrow using the cleansing wipe. (Or I jump out of the shower with a clean face and skip this step)

2. Twist wand until gel appears on the tip. The gel may be hard, just grab a cup of hot water and stick the wand in for 1-2 minutes (with the cap on). Apply a thin layer onto the area going with the direction the hair grows. If you get extra gel on areas you don't want to remove hair from, just grab a wet washer and wipe the it off.

3. Place the backing strip over the gel and smooth over the area. Holding the skin taut, pull the strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth.. EASY!

After I do both brows, I sometimes put some aloe vera onto the skin to help soothe the area. Although I've found the irritation and pain factor to be minimal compared to going to the salon.. Just another bonus..
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I do find that the gel keeps on coming out of the tip after use, just wipe it off and it's gone.. (it's not an extreme amount, just a drop or 2)

I really love this wand, I am saving at least $15 a month, just on waxing!

Nad's claims you can get 24 uses out of the wand. I've used it 3-4 times and I have around 2/3rds of it left. Not quite 2 uses, but still enough to get my money's worth! (One use would be worth it!)

I love this creation and am super glad I decided to try it out! I definitely recommend it! 

**I would suggest that you are confident in yourself when trying this out, or you could end up semi-browless**

I also tint my own brows no with the 1000 hour tint... I may post on this, we'll see.

10 out of 10 from Claire!! Let me know if you've also tried this and what you thought? :)

Have a great weekend x

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