April 11, 2012

Going blonde part..... 4?

Hey guys!
My god, i've been so busy and just haven't had the time or energy (or computer, yay for it dying) to post.
Today is my first day off in a LONG time.. YAY!
So I thought i'd post about my hair journey..
If you didn't know.. i've been going blonde for a few months now :)
I can't remember how many times i've had my full head of foils done, but we'll say 5?
My hair is still rather healthy and looking good, which is perfect :)
So here's a photo of before and after.. well not quite "after" but during...

I'm getting another round of foils this weekend so i'll try to post again :)

Have a good week guys xx

1 comment:

  1. omg your hair on the right picture, its so nice.. it really has a nice gradient to it, the shade of blonde is really nice against your natural(?) blonde hair :D