March 01, 2012

Rewind 7 years..

Hey guys!
Just a really quick, childish and random post to tell you that i got some sea monkeys.. HAHAHA
I used to love having sea monkeys when i was younger and was fascinated when i saw them in big w, I had to get them ;) The first step is to put the "water purifier" sachet into the water and wait 24 hours... 24 HOURS?! I'm so impatient.. anywayyyyyyyy after the 24 hours I can put the eggs in.. I'm so excited, hehehe :) I might post about my little monkeys when they grow up ;) and YES I am secretly 5 again

And just a quick update on myself... today I got new glasses, yay for being able to see! I might post about then soon and the dilemma I went through... AND tomorrow i'm getting braces :( Super scared, but I know the end result will be worth it :) So that's it! 
Did you ever have sea monkeys? :D


  1. back when i was in high school i really wanted it lol but i had no job and my mum wouldnt buy it for me.

  2. I had sea monkeys when I was around 8 years old and I loved them. But one day when we weren't home the cats ate them :| I was pretty upset. I never got them again but I wanted to last year at Uni because there is no pets on resi (not even fish) but I never found where to buy them. Please post a photo when though grown haha :)

  3. I always thought sea monkeys were cool but never had any because they were a bit expensive. And by the way I had braces and they aren't that scary, just think about the awesome teeth you will have in the end - its definately worth it :) And I just got a pair of new glasses too! hehe :)

  4. I've never had seamonkeys! Can you definitely please post pics? :D

  5. Will definitely post pics.. so excited to put the eggs in!!

  6. I had sea monkeys when I was younger and have always wanted to get them again! I'm excited for you! =)