January 17, 2012

What's in my (school) bag?

With school starting next week I figured I might aswell do a what's in my (school) bag post. Just putting it out there, my regular bag and my school bag are the same bag(well i have 3, but you get the drift), just the contents get changed slightly when i'm not at school. At school I have to be cautious with my money, so I generally take my card. Try steal my money now, punks. Anyway.... So I have 3 main bags I use for everyday and school..

 They're all pretty different, but I like them. So now to what's in them(well one of them.. when I use it!)

First up are some Kleenex anti-bacterial wipes. These are so handy when I take messy, juicy fruit for lunch. LOL
Lifebuoy hand sanitiser (any sanitiser I have at the time)
Target Quick dry lens wipes and Clearwipe lens wipes, a must for spec wearers!
and a sample of CK shock..

Then we have a hand cream, this one's the nivea anti-age which i really like :)
2 lips balms..
Dove minimising deodorant - these are on clearance at coles for $2.50, incase you wanted to know ;)
Impulse spray in "goddess" & my work locker key.
I take alot of sprays, perfumes and deoderants because it gets SO sweaty on the Gold Coast. EW

And lastly a 4 subject book. 4 Subject books are so convenient and this one is super cute!! and of course i have a pencil case in there too, but I don't officially have a pencil case, hopefully getting one tomorrow! So might edit it in, if it's cute enough ;)

AND i obviously take lunch aswell, haha!

So that's it for today.. Just a little update, i've been really slack and haven't even started writing up my going blonde part 1 post and i'm even considering not posting it because there isn't much of a change. My HD said next time it will go alot darker, so I might just wait till then.. AND next week, I may not post as i have a very busy week ahead of me (first day of a new job, first week back at school and working on every day off, UGH) so I apologise in advance!  x

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