January 06, 2012

Review: Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Tanning Moisturiser

I've been on the hunt for the perfect gradual tan moisturizer. I'm not very experienced in the "tanning" area, but will share my experience anyway! After trying 5 or so different tanning sprays, creams etc, i think I have finally found one that i love all round! That product would be Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Tanning Moisturiser. After using it twice in 3 days, I already have an amazing summer glow, probably the best my skin has ever looked and being white as snow naturally, i'm pretty damn impressed! I'ts also really hard for me to find a moisturiser for my body, which doesn't make my skin itch, and this one doesn't!

What Palmer's says: With just a touch of self tanner, Palmer's Natural Bronze creates a delicate, sun-kissed, summer glow within a few days, while deeply moisturising your skin. It's also the perfect way to maintain a light tan all year long. This creamy, moisturising lotion with a special combination of Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E keeps your skin beautiful and healthy looking.

- Smells amazing, like cocoa butter (obvs) but better than other cocoa butter formula products, which I don't normally like the smell of!
- Gives an extremely natural looking tan, don't think i've ever has this good of a tan before!
- Doesn't streak, looks completely natural
- Cheap
- Convenient pump bottle
- Available in three sizes.. 50ml travel size - around $2.50 which is really handy if you want to give it a try!
                                       250ml - around $8.50
                                       400ml - around 12.50

I can't get enough of this! Do you tan regularly? What product/s do you use? Let me know in the comments!
p.s at 25(ish) GFC followers, i'll be having a giveaway. The prize will include some of my most loved products.. *hint hint*

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  1. I;ve gotta check this out when I finish my sunsense! x