January 05, 2012

NOTD: Covering my chipping shellac!

Just a quick post to show you what i have on my nails. I recently had shellac done, and it started chipping, so i wanted to put a polish over top to deter from the obviously chipping gel.  This is a new one i brought, on sale from target. Revlons "Princess". Love this colour, will be my top pick for a while! What's on your nails at the moment? Have you ever had shellac?


  1. That is such a pretty colour! I wonder if they have it on sale at my local Target :-)

    I have never had shellac, do you recommend it?

  2. I love the colour so much! its a real winter colour, but ill wear it all year round :) Shellac is amazing if you have weak nails or are a biter! my mum has ALWAYS bitten her nails and she has stopped since getting shellac, she even has little white tips! so proud haha. she has only ever grown her nails once before, for her wedding. pretty amazing! You should deffinitely try it! let me know if you do! oh and i may do a post about shellac too! xx