January 04, 2012

New years resolutions?

So.. usually I don't bother with resolutions because I know I will never get through them, but this year, i had a good think about what i want....

My ultimate goal would be to lose 10 kilos.. But that most likely wont happen.. One step at a time! So my one and only, not-beauty-related resolution for this year is to completely eliminate McDonald's from my life! I used to work at Maccas, so ate soo much of it! And continued to after i changed jobs.. naughty! This is probably one of my baddest habits, so eliminating it is the only option. I honestly think i'll get through this one!

Now onto my beauty-related resolutions.. If you're still reading ;) haha. So like most other beauty-lovers/bloggers/vloggers I have way too many products that need to be used up, so that's what shall be done, before I buy anymore!... most of the time! hahaha. Oh, and one more quick "resolution" is to do more NOTD's!

What are you 2012 resolutions?

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with your goals! :) I would love to cut out fast food also, I do have a bit of maccas now and again, it's so addictive grr! I'm looking forward to seeing notd's! Your christmas ones were gorgeous, esp the snowflake one!