January 10, 2012

My hair care routine!

A year or so back, I used to be blonde and straighten my hair every, yes every, day. I didn't know how much i was damaging my hair, until a few months ago! So i went into hair-rehab mode! Consisting of intense hydration and going dark, to stop the constant bleaching. I honestly think I have found the perfect routine for my hair! I'm about to go back blonde gradually, as you may know if you read my time for a change post. I'm getting a full head of foils every month or so to go blonde, in the nicest possible way! So I thought I would post my hair care routine, before i start going blonde, then start a little series of posts of going/being blonde and how my hair care has changed! Please excuse the photos being ones of the product sites, mine are ikky! haha oh and here's a photo of my hair now. Apologies, I don't even have a photo that shows what my hair used to be like, i was so self conscious of it!!

So starting with Shampoo and Conditioner...
I have extremely frizzy, unmanageable hair especially in summer. I never knew anything would tame my fuzzball, but Juuce to the rescue! Juuce - smooth as shampoo and conditioner has been my lifesaver. I would marry this stuff, if err it was legal.. ;) This puts the moisture back in (and keeps it in) and completely..... COMPLETELY manages the frizz and enhances my natural curl. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I know everyone's different, but if you have hair like mine, you NEED to try this! Price attack have travel size bottles which is handy if you wanted to try it! I'm actually just finishing my bottles and am about to purchase litre bottles! yay! I'm also yet to try out others in the "Smooth as" range.

Now onto treatments...
Matrix Biolage, has honestly been a godsend. In particular the Aqua-immersion creme mask and the ultra hydrating conditioning balm! The creme mask does weigh my hair down a little bit, but for the amount of moisture it shoves back into my fried locks, I couldn't care less! I use the creme mask every 2 weeks or so and I use the ultra-hydrating balm every time i wash my hair (every other day) after my conditioner! I've really noticed a difference with these 2 in my life! 

Now what I use after the shower..
I generally use any hair oil I have at the time. I have used the Babyliss argan oil, Moroccan oil and am now using L'Oreal's mythic oil. I can't see a difference, they all do the same thing for me so I can't really recommend one!

Also I have completely stopped using any heat on my hair! And have become more aware when going to the pool/beach/in the sun that my hair also needs protection!

So that's it! What are your favourite hair products? Let me know in the comments! x


  1. I really like that Matrix hair treatment, it is so nice!

    Your hair is very pretty! I like the colour :) but I know what its like and I love having a change as well. I have been bleaching my hair for around 3 years now and it definitely damages it a lot if you do it all at once - learnt my lesson the hard way. Looking forward to seeing your progress photos

  2. I have hair like yours! I think I might try the shampoo and conditioner from Price attack. Looking forward to following your hair transformation :)

    1. Let me know if you do try it, i'd be interested to see if it has the same effect! x

  3. I cant wait to see how it looks! :) XO