January 19, 2012

Going blonde part 1!

So I finally decided I will post this.. There isn't a dramatic change, but my hair is lighter! It doesn't show up in photos well, but you can stare at me face and hair anyway... hahaha. I'll start with photos.... before is the same photo as seen in my hair care routine post, go read that ;) 
and AFTERS: 

There is a difference, it's just not dramatic! I can't wait for round 2, HD said it will go alot lighter next time, yay! Only downside is my hair was so fried! It's so depressing. BUT a little TLC and it's on it's way to looking normal again! (blog post on this after hair transformation is complete!) PHEW.
That's it from me today!
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  1. That is a beautiful shade! Your hair looks so sleek and shiny :)

  2. Your hair looks so soft and shiny! :)

  3. Looks great! So shiny.
    Going blonde gradually is much healthier, just invest in a good hair treatment to use each week and keep it hydrated. Or leave your conditioner in for a good 5-10 minutes before washing it out.

  4. The colour it is now is so pretty. I love how freshly dyed hair looks so shiny!!

  5. Your hair looks great there, such a nice length.

  6. looks great! color really suits you, very shiny looking! I always love hair straight out of the hairdresser.