January 07, 2012

Giveaway time!!! (CLOSED)

I've been waiting for this for ages. I love giving people stuff, it makes me happy! So I decided at 25 GFC followers I would have a giveaway, because you guys have a greater chance of winning! Nothing major, just a few of my favourite items, to thank you for actually following my blog, hahaha! I'll probably just go to priceline to get as much as i can out of these! hahaha. Prize will include:

250ml  Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Tanning Moisturiser. 

Australis Eyeshadow Primer - $12.95

Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Power- $12.95

Garnier BB Cream in Light OR Medium

So to enter you must be a follower of this blog with Google Friend Connect which can be found underneath the "popular posts" on the right side of the page.
For additional entries you can:
follow me on twitter
tweet about the giveaway by copy and pasting this: I'm entering @tenkerialc's blog giveaway, you can too! http://tenkerialc.blogspot.com/2012/01/giveaway-time.html

Just to make it a little bit more fun, post one of your worst habits - beauty related or not in the comments. Along with your email so I can contact you if you win and your GFC name! also don't forget to add your twitter username if you followed me on twitter and also the link to your tweet about the giveaway if you tweeted.. 

Giveaway will close on Saturday January 21 at 7pm QLD time (two weeks). Please note that if you live in NSW, giveaway will be closing at 8pm. 
Good luck! x

conditions of entry:
1. Must be 18 years of age or have parents consent as I will need your postal address if you win (I feel like a hypocrite because I'm under 18, but it has to be done! haha)
2. Winner will be chosen at random using random.org
3. Winner will be given 48 hours to reply after I have sent the email, 
or another winner will be chosen at random.
4. Total prize value of $48.80
5. Any entry that does not follow on GFC, will be disqualified. 
6. Open to Australian residents only.


  1. YAY giveaway!!! he he :) I already follow you on GFC and Twitter (@bloss59) my email lilpreeny(at)gmail(dot)com :)
    My worst habit is picking at my fingernails. I'm a shocker for it!

  2. Well done lovely! Fabulous blog so far.
    GFC- bbBeauty
    Twitter- BeaB91 and tweeted the giveaway https://twitter.com/#!/BeaB91/status/155557258049241088
    email- bumblebea_91@hotmail.com

    My worst beauty habit is opening up all my products and using them all at the same time. I have about 5 half full shampoo bottles :P

  3. I guess we all love a give away!
    I also already follow you on GFC as Elunia, email is elunia@live.com.au
    Worst beauty habit is forgetting to use toner as often as I should and occassionly picking at my pimples, a no-no I know but I just can't seem to help myself sometimes...

  4. Ohhh how great you're doing a give away! It's always a good way for your readers to try something new.

    email - sprinkles37@gmail.com

    My worst beauty habit has to be neglecting my feet. I really need to start to give them more love and attention.

  5. I'm a GFC follower (name is MakeupByJesss), i tweeted about this (MakeupbyJes2311) and i of course, follow you on twitter ;)

    I have been loving reading your blog since i came across you, and love it :)

    Worst habit: biting my nails!
    email: makeupbyjesss2311@hotmail.com

  6. I guess my worst habit would be that i tend to share too much of whats going on in my life with people which sometimes can drive others nuts as they really dont want to hear whats going on my my life but i tell them anyway....lol

    meedee89 at hotmail.com

  7. My worst beauty habit would be that i don't always apply sunscreen or even a moisturiser with SPF in it.


  8. Hey Tenkerialc, I have just nominated you as a recipient of the Liebster Blog Award! Please check out this link back to my blog for more information :)

  9. Worst habit: picking at chipped nails! ><
    Thanks for the giveaway darl! xox

    GFC: peachs
    Twitter: peachsbeauty
    Email: peachsbeautyfamily@gmail.com

  10. Hi Claire,

    Awesome giveaway, glad I'm a follower and reader. x

    I'm following you on GFC as jacquiix3 and Twitter (@Eignourt)

    Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Eignourt/status/155926485247590400

    Email: jacqueslikescheese@hotmail.com

    My worst habit is ripping my heavily split ends, it's not my fault I don't have scissors handy when I randomly decide to look for split ends! Hehe.

    Take care. :)

  11. Thanks for holding such a great giveaway Claire :)
    My worst habit is that I am always late - it is not a habit I like so I have made it my new years resolution to try and be on time hehe

    I follow your blog on GFC as: Billi Lilli
    Email: billi.lillimakeup@gmail.com

    Best of luck to everyone!

  12. GFC: Sarah
    Twitter: sarebeargrylls
    email: schucky93@hotmail.com
    tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/sarebeargrylls/status/155948180415070209

    worst habit is not washing my hair enough and waiting till it becomes too greasy (eww!!)

  13. My worst habit is always slouching - my posture is awful. I follow your blog as Liz and you can contact me on my main email at starlightwillfall[at]gmail.com

  14. i folllow you on GFC: bellameansbeautiful
    i follow you on twitter: bellaaaas
    i tweeted about this here:https://twitter.com/#!/bellaaaas/status/156144626032574466
    my worst beauty habit: not wearing high SPF every day.
    email: bellameansbeautiful@hotmail.com.au
    great giveaway! xx

  15. worst habit...hiding my stash of bad food from hubby and the kids!

  16. How cool!

    My worst habit is that I don't remove makeup before cleansing my skin at night, I am lazy and clean off all makeup with my evening cleanser. Appartently according to Clinique this compares to showering with your clothes on...

    GFC Ingrid
    Twitter Ingy_N
    Email: glossybeauty13@gmail.com


  17. I tweeted I'm entering @tenkerialc's blog giveaway, you can too! http://tenkerialc.blogspot.com/2012/01/giveaway-time.html I follow on twitter as Leighdabsey
    My worse beauty habit is letting my eyebrows go too far before I get them waxed

  18. @mzmumma81

    worst habit is not brushing my teeth every single day!! disgusting i know,lazy i'd say :)

  19. always plaiting my hair before bed! :)

    GFC: Renee Annison
    Twitter: @mzmumma81
    email: mzmumma81@lottos.com.au
    FB: renee annison

  20. worst habit of mine shld be picking on my pimples..

    FB:Nisha Rai

  21. Thanks for the giveaway!

    My worst habit would be biting the skin around my nails (weird I know)

    GFC: sair
    Email: sarahmartin89@gmail.com

    1. had to reply.. i do the same thing, its so strange! and i find i bite the skin when im watching a suspenseful movie!! hahaha

  22. My worse habit - picking my zits. Tweeted and following via GFC (nightlace). Twitter username (chocolatelace) Email: dripping_paper@hotmail.com

  23. Thanks for having such a cool giveaway!
    My worst habit is peeling off nail polish instead of using remover (I know, it must be sooo bad for my nails hehe!)
    Following you on twitter: Corrinadreams
    GFC: Suitcase Full of Dreams
    Email: suitcasefullofdreams@hotmail.com

    :D xx

  24. Hello Claire. What a generous giveaway you're having!

    GFC: Evanescencessy
    Email: evanescencessy@hotmail.com

    My worst beauty habit is neglecting to use heat protectant spray before I straighten my hair everyday. No wonder my ends are dry and split...

  25. what an awesome giveaway, we have similar taste i see.
    im following you on GFC

    email- nikki92900877@ovi.com
    GFC- daylight dancer(same as beauty heaven)

    My worst habit used to be biting my nails, but ive stopped that for 2 months now thanks to all the nail inspiration on beauty heaven. Id say thats its wearing too much dark eye make up now.

  26. Hello Claire :)

    I am following you by GFC (username is stefaneigh0611 but i think sometimes it just shows up as steph? And also on twitter: Stefaneigh0611
    email: strawberri56@hotmail.com

    My worst habit would be the same as i saw someone else post above; that is looking for my split ends when I'm out etc and then ripping them off...probably why they keep coming back :(

  27. GFC: yummiization
    Twitter: yummiization
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/yummiization/status/159867407597436928
    Email: yummi_munchies@hotmail.com

    My worst habit is continuously touching my face throughout the day :(

  28. Hey there Tenk! Beaut giveaway, most generous of you :-)
    I have a really silly habit of leaving my lipstick and gloss in whatever handbag I've used that day. when I'm rushing to get ready the next morning, it takes me forever to find the one I'm after. Can't seem to shake it off, lol...
    GFC: katshepsutt
    Email: katshepsutt(at)gmail(dot)com

  29. Worst habbit - not washing off my make up proper and the following morning my face feels gross!
    GFC: Kerker
    email: theuglymoments at gmail dot com

  30. Who was the lucky winner???? :)