January 22, 2012

ABC's of me?

I've seen alot of bloggers posting this ABC's of me and thought I may aswell join in ;)

A: Age- That's a secret i'll never tell ;)
B: Bed size- Double
C: Chore you hate- All? 
D: Day- Fridays - are my day off  

E: Essential start to your day- Atleast a good hour before I need to do anything
F: Favourite colour- Purple
G: Gold or silver- Silver!
H: Height- 160 something
I: Instruments- none, but I did play Clarinet, Violin and Cello in Primary?
J: Job title- Casual, School-based trainee and student! :D
K: Kids- Snoopy, peanut and Nateiri! (obviously my pets)
L: Live- Gold Coast QLD
M: Mums name- Karen
N: Nickname- Can't really shorten my name, I guess it'd have to be "Claire Bear" but only some family call me it, and I hate it!
O: Overnight hospital stay- Never, one of my fears
P: Pet peeve- Noisy eaters!
Q: Quote from a movie-  Not a big movie person!
R: Right or left handed- Right
S: Siblings- Older sister, 3 older half-sisters
T: Time you wake up- Weekends/holidays - after 10.. School days - 7ish
U: Underwear- Any...
V: Vegetables you dislike- Mushrooms.. But I can eat them in like spag bol...
W: What makes you run late- I'm always running late.. everything I guess!
X: X-rays you've had- Teeth and Collar bone
Y: Yummy food you make- dinner? LOL
Z: Zoo- Alma-park zoo, BEST ZOO EVER! 

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