December 19, 2011

Mini haul

So i've been doing alot of shopping lately and brought a few things i've been craving, yes craving.. for a while now!

Sorry about the sideways photo!

First up: Garnier BB cream in light. $7.95 from Giant Chemist
Lush Sweet Lips lip scrub. $9.95 from Lush
Lush Tea Tree water. $7.95
As I have heard many good things about these products I decided to pick them up myself.

So next up, I decided to grab some Maybelline products from Woolworths, while they have the 50% off promotion with the voucher. I ended up getting 55% off because i get 5% staff discount, weew! I have forgotten prices, sorrry!
So i grabbed a Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, which i'm loving!
A Baby Lips lip balm in soothing menthol
& an eye shadow quad, to replace my old one.

Also at woolworths, I spotted this cute nail art trio and had to get them! I wanted the silver to put snowflakes over red nails... yeah, that failed.. but anyway at $12, they were a little pricey.. but a spur of the moment decision, haha! And just ignore the silver polish on the packaging, hahaha..

And lastly, the 2 most boring of them all.. I picked up a pack of Huggies baby wipes in the big box holder thingy. I'm just going to be using baby wipes on my face for a while so i decided to pick this up, so it's a little more convenient.. AND it has pooh bear on it, Pooh Bear was my childhood, hehe. I believe these were about $6 for 80 wipes, SOO much cheaper than makeup wipes and in a really handy box! And also grabbed some Swisspers cosmetic cotton tips, for fixing up nail mishaps and makeup boo-boo's! Can't remember how much these were, but they sure didn't break the bank..

So that's it for today, enjoy the rest of your night!
Claire xo


  1. LOVE maybelline's gel eyeliner!! It has amazing staying power

  2. I've been meaning to try that gel liner but I can't freakin find it! Must keep an eye out next time I'm in Woolies

  3. I just read this and wow didn't know you could get swisspers with fine and broad ends like that! They would be good for eye makeup! I've never seen them anywhere though....Have to keep an eye out.

  4. I have both Lush products and I am in love. xx