December 01, 2011


So i went late night shopping tonight, grabbed a few things that i love so much i'm going to blog about them!
So firstly i quickly went into sportsgirl, to see if i could find this DIY dream catcher kit i have wanted for a while, which i couldn't find :( but instead i got an amazing nail polish and a really cute bracelet! Both of which can be purchased online here :)

turquoise nail polish - "Oasis" $6.36 (20% of storewide - normally $7.95)

Really cute dream catcher bracelet $6.36 (20% of storewide - normally $7.95) :) Which is more purple, but its not showing up in the crappy webcam photo..

I also went into Hairhouse Warehouse and grabbed a deal they have on at the moment - Redken all soft shampoo and conditioner for $38.95. They actually had none of the special packs left at the store, and the lady tried to sell me the colour set, but i insisted i wanted all soft, so she just grabbed them off the shelf for me :) I believe you can get all soft cheaper online, but i'm not too keen on postage at Christmas time... so i'd rather just pay that little bit extra! That's all i got, besides a mint patty, nomnomnom. But i'm really happy with what i got, but have no $$$ left. But that's what the bank of mum is for, hehehehe. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my rambling ;)
xo Claire


  1. I love Sportsgirl nail polishes. That bracelet looks really cute too. I think you can get the DIY Dream Catcher online but if not, they're pretty easy to make. There's a good tutorial here:

    Tree of Life also sell amazing dream catchers in various sizes.

  2. This is my first sportsgirl polish, so far so good. Thanks for the link, didn't even think about making one without the kit, haha silly me, ill have a look and maybe attempt it :). I looove dreamcatchers, making one seems like fun!

  3. forgot to add, i saw the dream catcher kit on their online store, but i'm not too keen on paying $10 postage :( ahha