November 26, 2011

Blog change!

It's been so long since i've posted, not that i've posted much anyway! haha
With the amount of nail polish i purchase, i've decided to change my blog to a nail polish blog, with the occasional beauty review etc. I've only recently really got into nail polish (last few months), and i want fellow beauty lovers to help me build my collection and let me know of some amazing colours and brands! I'll be mostly doing NOTD posts and hauls when i purchase polishes. I have 8 weeks holidays from school, so i'll try and post everytime i do my nails and get new polishes :) I think at the moment i have around 30 polishes (a few opi, butter london...) but some are just $2 ones i grabbed because i loved the colour. I'll probably end up doing a "current collection" post, so i wont say much about my collection now! haha
So i hope someone is reading this, and comment if you have a fave nail polish at the moment!
Claire x

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  1. I'm really enjoying a few of the colours from the Face of Australia limited edition Molten Metallics (which are no longer around). I liked the gold, then the bronze and now I'm really loving the colour called "Verdigris", which is an olive green. :)