September 28, 2011

Products I Love and Hate - Currently

I'm having a big clean out of all my products and during the process i thought I'd blog about my most loved and hated products.
So I'll get my hated products out of the way..
Edward Beale Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair - WORST shampoo i have ever purchased, it is everything you don't want a shampoo to do, leaves your hair feeling knotty, dry at the ends, greasy at the roots and frizzy. NOT cool. 

BaByliss PRO Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner (Travel Sizes) - I wouldn't say i hate them, they just leave your hair feeling greasier than before you even washed it! Not worth the time or money..

Johnsons Holiday Skin Daily Facial Moisturiser - Leaves my skin feeling itchy. Not sure if it "builds a tan" as i stopped using it because of the itchiness.. 

Garnier Hand Cocoon Intense Nourishing Concentrate - The only reason i don't like this hand cream is it leaves that feeling like it hasn't "soaked in" or like its left residue behind. This is probably because it is meant to with stand alot of normal activities you do after applying.. But i like hand creams that soak in quite quickly. 

Johnsons Daily Facial Moisturiser SPF 15 & Cocoa Butter Formula Night Renewal Cream (Travel Size)- Believe it or not all 3 products i don't like for the same reason as the Holiday Skin Moisturiser. 

Clinique Take the Day off Makeup Remover and Face Of Australia Gentle Makeup Remover- Don't get me wrong i LOVE Clinique and Face Of Australia, but clearly i'm just not a fan of liquid makeup removers. I don't like the feeling like i have to wipe it off my face and the feeling like i have just put oil on my face.. But that's my personal opinion, these products may be amazing for people who love this kind of thing! 

Covergirl&Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer - This is WAY too thick to be an eye concealer. It's almost too thick to even use as a concealer. It also creases when used under the eye and dry's out. YUK.

Maybelline Line Stilleto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner - Most horrible eyeliner to ever have to try and work with. The tip doesn't even apply the product, you have to use the side of it. Not much product in the actual tube and it doesn't stay on for long at all. I've already thrown it out. Just got so sick of it.

I swear it looks like i'm trying to make clinique look bad, i'm not i swear! I love Clinique! hahah Clinique High Lengths Mascara - This mascara has the worst designed brush ever. The "brush" which i would more call a stick with tiny bristles makes it so hard to get the product on your lashes, its curved in a way that only people with a certain eye shape could use it conveniently. It's too hard to work with, i wouldnt bother buying it. (Received as a gift for being one of the first 500 to sign up to something that i cant remember) hahah!

Finally moving on to the products i'm loving. Which is sadly alot less products than i'm hating..

Rimmel 60 Seconds '819 - Green with Envy' - This is my all time favourite nail polish. The colour is so gorgeous, i could stare at it all day. I call it the 'mermaid nail polish' or when i have it on i always say "look at my mermaid nails". I LOVE LOVE LOVE this soo much! 

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub and Warming  Scrub - I've used these products religiously for the past few years. Honestly couldn't imagine my skin care routine without them. I use the Apricot Scrub (which in the picture is travel size which i took on holidays)  everyday and the Warming Scrub once or twice a week. They smell delicious and feel great. 

Garnier After Sun Skin Smoothing Hydrating Milk - Leaves your skin feeling refreshed after going to the beach or just being out all day. 

TIGI Curls Rock Amplifier - Most amazing hair product i've tried in a long time. Really gets rid of my frizz and defines my waves/curls more than any other product i've tried. LOVE it!   

So that's all my current loved and hated products. Let me know if you've had similar loves or hates or even completely opposite in the comments below! :)

Claire x


  1. I can't believe you hate Clinique High Lengths Mascara! It's my HG mascara! Lol. I love it. I love the brush, I love the way it makes my lashes look.
    Then again, each to their own! Great post x

  2. Hahaha glad it works for you, i have REALLY temperamental lashes, and i have only ever found 1 mascara i truly love.. but that may be a blog post to come ;) ahhaha x