September 21, 2011

BeautyHeaven Addiction?

So for the past 3 weeks i've been on holidays and  i've been sitting around home most days and have been trying to find something to do and i've discovered beautyheaven! is a website for beauty lovers/addicts ;) You can sign up for free and it allows you to write reviews, add a new topic to the forums (ask fellow members your questions), search pretty much any product under the sun and read other peoples reviews and opinions on products and get tips on - for example- how to pick a perfume, how to make a natural toothpaste and alot more. There's some really handy things to know! I'm probably spending atleast half my day on the computer, because it's just so addictive! They have loads of competitions, which is just a bonus ;)

They also have a 'loyalty status' which allows you to rack up points while you write reviews, leave comments on articles, post replies to forums etc. Once you reach the purple status with 100-175 points, you receive a free gift worth $20 from beautyheaven. And once you reach the turquoise status,which is the highest status you can reach with 501+ points, you'll receive "a collection of cult and covetable products to the value of at least $50". For more info on the loyalty status, you will need to sign up here which is free and easy! and then go to So pretty much it's an added bonus to be collecting knowledge on some handy topics and earning points to receive special gifts!

Leave a comment below if you sign up and let me know if you love it as much as i do! :)
Claire x

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  1. nice write up on the beloved BH :) i'm looking forward to reading more of your blog x