June 08, 2011

Face Of Australia - Eye Primer in Shimmer

This eye primer is amazing.
I'd never used an eye primer before, but i had seen reviews. I decided to try Face of Australia’s eye primer in 'shimmer' because it was easy to locate and was quite cheap. It's a pearly white with alot of shimmer in it.

What FOA says..
The shimmer primer creates a more glitzy look with its micro-fine glitter pigments. Instantly creates a smoother canvas for make-up holding down any fine hairs and smoothing skin for a flawless look that won't budge from day to night.

I couldn't have said it better! It does exactly that and makes the colour brighter making it appear alot more pigmented! I wanted to test the wearing ability of the primer, so i decided to wear it to a long day at school without touching it up at all, and i’m not joking, it stayed on the whole day, my eye shadow didn't budge or crease! My mum even commented that afternoon after we got home 'did you put eyeshadow on?' thinking i had put fresh makeup on ;) This is definitely a great affordable primer for everyday use.

On the top is the primer alone.
Middle is eyeshadow with primer.
And below is the eyeshadow without primer which is very faint.
This shows how well the primer makes the colour more vibrant.

This Face Of Australia eye shadow primer can be purchased at
Priceline, Big W or Kmart for RRP$7.95 its worth a try!
Or it can be purchased online at 
but it does end up alot more expensive if you buy online because of shipping costs.

Well, that’s my first review. Feel free to leave me tips below in the comments section as im clearly just starting :)
Claire x

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