January 23, 2013

Healthy School/Work Lunch Ideas!

Hey guys!
I've recently lost alot of weight and am really trying to get rid of the last 8 kg's!
I've done some research and have found a few options for school or work lunches. They take preparation, but preparation is key! I would rather have my school lunch made before the week begins so I don't have to worry about it! All of these recipes will be linked back to the site's I have found them on. Photos are from the sites also!

Reduced-fat vegetable quiche

Vegetable Quiche - I would have this without pastry and cheese and egg yolks. The recipe says 5 eggs, I will use 1 full egg and 5 egg whites and see how it goes! Also add as many veggies as you want! I'm going to be stacking them in! (click on the photo for recipe)

Vegetable frittata

Vegetable Fritatta - This is like a zucchini slice but with stacks of veggies. Nom! Again, without egg yolks and cheese! I would add zucchini, brocolli, cauliflour, carrot, onion, mushrooms.. Anything!

Simple Stirfry - Who needs a recipe for this? Quickly cook a vegetable + meat stirfry the night before (or on the weekend) and keep in the fridge.. Heat it up and you have a delicious lunch!

Fruit Salad - More of a snack, but still part of lunch, right? Throw together watermelon, rockmelon, berries, passionfruit, banana, kiwi fruit, apple and any other fruit! Add some yoghurt if you want and voila! ;)

Apple Cinnamon Muffins - A bit of a naughtier treat but better than chocolate! I follow this recipe but use wholemeal SR flour, light milk and 1/2 the amount of sugar that goes into them, aswell as add lots of extra apple!

Hope this helped you get some ideas for lunch! Got any other ideas or recipes? Please share! :)

December 22, 2012

New hair!

Hey guys!
After trying to get my hair blonde for AGES, today I got my hair done.... Balayaged!
Let me know what you think! I'm really liking it and my hairdresser kept it so I can go back blonde (make it as easy as possible). I did it because I can't afford the upkeep of my roots.. So now I don't have to worry about them! Photos below! X

Was worried it wouldn't look good!

November 09, 2012

Instagram life update

So, long story short. I'm now a fully qualified vet nurse! Yay! And have not had time to blog. So here are a few photos from my Instagram over the last few weeks (@clairekentt or @makeupbyclaire)

My latest caviar nails! I officially am unemployed so can go all out nail art wise!
Last day at the vet - got to see a caesarian, wanted to see one all year!
Looking after a randoms dog in Byron Bay!
I did Elises makeup for her friends formal - gorgeous huh!
Myself and my sister
Lion dog
Target hat models for life!


October 28, 2012

Halloween zombie makeup!

I went to a tiny coastal town in NSW for the night last night. On the way home we stopped at a small discount shop - I found a really cool kit for halloween makeup. It had fake blood, face paints etc. I've never done something like this before, so thought I would try to do a zombie makeup look! I also brought 3 BYS eyeliners (white, plum and neon pink) and used them to create a gradient lip.. Heres a few photos... Let me know if you like it!